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We love to share our favourites with you, from tours, beaches, hidden gems, restaurants or beach parties. Will you share yours with us as well?


“My favourite thing to do is to go where I have never been”

THE ULTIMATE ISLAND DAYTRIP - Far away from the hustle and bustle of Curacao’s Punda and Otrobanda lies a remote, coral island with white beaches, crystal clear water and a spectacular reef full with colorful fishes. The flat, wind-swept island of Klein Curacao (Dutch for Little Curacao) is a mecca for divers, snorkelers and sunbathers. During the day there is plenty of time to explore Klein Curacao, to lie on the beach, to go snorkeling or to relax on the boat.

There are a couple of boat companies (Mermaid, Bounty Adventures, Black & White and Miss Ann) that offer return trips on a daily basis and also provide snorkeling and diving gear. Because when you’re on Klein Curacao you have to go snorkeling or diving, the underwater world is amazing!

The tour starts early in the morning until the end of the afternoon. Breakfast, lunch and dessert are prepared by the crew and on the way back there is an open bar.

Make sure to bring your sunscreen and hat with you, and sunglasses are a must! The sun is so strong and it would be a shame if you were to suffer a sunstroke during the day.

One thing is for sure, there is no place as beautiful and relaxing as the small uninhabited island of Klein Curacao. We definitely think this is Curacao’s most beautiful beach . Do you love the sea, sailing, bounty islands and rum punch? Then a daytrip to Klein Curacao is an absolute must.

Have you ever been to Klein Curacao? Did you like it as much as we do?

At our Front Office, we can always help you with booking your trip!

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