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BIJBLAUW'S FAVOURITES; a look into the blue wonders of the island

We love to share our favourites with you, from tours, beaches, hidden gems, restaurants or beach parties. Will you share yours with us as well?


“We dive not to escape life but for life not to escape us"

We would love to introduce you into the blue wonders of our beautiful Island.Healthy, beautiful reefs with a never ending variety of critters, creatures and corals. Diving Curacao at its finest. Curious about our favourite dive spots? Read on! Also if you have never dove before, we know a good place where to do your first dive!


We love to share our favourites with you! It was a hard choice between all the great spots, but here goes;

The Mushroom Forest

It’s not really a forest, and they aren’t really mushrooms; this famous dive spot boasts coral formations that have hardened into shapes that resemble mushrooms. The Blue Room, a cavern filled with the mushrooms, is also popular for snorkelers.

The Superior Producer

The Superior Producer sank off the coast of Curacao more than 40 years ago, and now the cargo ship is covered with coral and orange cup sponges. Be careful, though — giant barracudas swim slowly around the wreck, keeping their eyes on divers. At 100 feet, this dive is only for the most experienced divers, and it’s only available when no cruise ships are in port.

Directors' Bay

For great photo opportunities, check out Directors’ Bay, where you’ll spot seahorses, eels, tons of coral, and even a resident octopus. A decaying shark fence now covered with coral makes a colorful home for the sea life. Snorkelers can take in a great view from the surface, making this a perfect trip for a group of clients at different comfort and certification levels.


If you are looking for an awesome first dive experience, a guided dive or if you would like to follow one of the PADI courses, look no further. Mark & Anton from Scubacao will do everything in their power to make it an unforgettable experience.

Diving adventure

Join Mark & Anton on an amazing diving adventure to the beautiful dive sites of the Porto Marie Plantation, where the sand is white, the reefs are colorful and the sun is shining. Whether it is your first time scuba diving or if you’re an advanced diver, this trip is for everyone.

They combine sightseeing and diving. You will be picked up at the hotel and you’ll head down to the western side of the island. An interesting 30 minute’s drive takes you to this gorgeous part of the island with a stop at the flamingo sanctuary.

Location: Porto Marie

Time: Depending on availability

Duration: 3 hours

Recommended attire: Bathing suite, beach towel, underwater camera

PADI courses

Dive like a pro from a pro with the PADI Open Water courses! Curaçao has some of the best reefs in the Caribbean and it makes learning to dive a piece of cake. With visibility up to 20 meters, little to nu current and bathtub warm water it’s the perfect place to do your first underwater exploring. Liked your first dive? Become a certified diver. Are you already certified? Train your skills by taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course or a specialty course.

Days: On availability

Recommended attire: Bathing suite, beach towel, camera

Personal attention and eye for detail make a course at Scubaçao an unforgettable experience.

Have you ever been diving? Where in the world? For more information about diving or booking a trip with Anton & Mark, come and see us at the Front Office. We can always help you with booking your trip!

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