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PAPIA PAPIAMENTO KU MI | useful words & phrases

Our native language is Papiamentu - a foundation of African languages and Portuguese with Spanish, Dutch, Indian and Jewish influences. Learn some basic words in Papiamentu that you can use during your stay. The local citizens will be delighted when you try to communicate with them in Papiamento. Even if it is just a single word...

Welcome Bon Bini Good morning Bon dia

Good afternoon Bon tardi Good evening Bon nochi

Bye Ayo See you next time Te otro bia

I see you later Te akiratu See you soon Te awero

See you Te despues See you tomorrow Te mañan

Useful phrases

How are you? Kon ta bai? How are you? Kon ta bai ku bo?

Everything is fine Tur kos ta bon How is life? Kon ta ku bida?

Very well! Hopi bon! Have a good day Pasa un bon dia

What is your name? Kon yama bo? Can you speak Papiamentu? Bo por papia Papiamentu?

Not yet No aínda I do not speak Papiamentu Mi no papia Papiamentu

I speak a little Mi ta papia un tiki I do not understand you . Mi no ta komprondé

How old are you? Kuantu aña bo tin? What is your name? Kon yama bo?

I am Dutch Mi ta Hulandes Where do you live? Unda bo ta biba?

I live in ... Mi ta biba na.. Where are you? Unda bo ta?

I love you Mi ta stima bo What is the price? Kwanto esaki ta kosta?

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