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“I love you to the beach and back.”

Let us introduce you to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The best beaches lie along the northwest coast of the island, a 30 minutes drive from Willemstad (and our boutique hotel BijBlauw)

photo by Influence Through The Lens

Playa Kalki

This beach can be found in the most western part of Curaçao, which makes it quiet and peaceful. Here you can discover lots of colorful fish while snorkeling. It belongs to the Kura Hulanda Hotel but is freely accessible by a steep staircase down to the beach. It has a small bar where you can order a drink or a snack and it has a dive school where you can rent your scuba diving gear. Definitely worth a visit!

Playa Daaibooi

Daaibooi Beach is very popular among locals. This is one of the few beaches on the island of Curaçao that allows barbecues, which is why it can get quite busy on the weekends. The beach is ideal for groups or families. A nice beach with lush green hills, a deep bay, and crystal-clear water that is great for snorkeling. There is a snack bar on the beach, but you also can bring your own food and drinks.

Playa Kenepa Grandi

You have surely seen many Instagram photos of someone sitting on a wall with a beautiful blue sea in the background. Well, that is Grote Knip (called Kenepa Grandi in Papiamentu, it means Big Knip in Dutch). Crystal clear water, stony cliffs, snow-white sands, and a well-equipped beach for a perfect beach day. This beach is a must-visit! Tip: combine Grote Knip with Kleine Knip (tip). They are very close by.

Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun is one of the well-known idyllic beaches in Curaçao. It has bright blue waters between two rocky cliffs with nice rock formations and old fishing boats at the beach for that Caribbean picture perfect. There is a grill terrace overlooking the beach that offers everything that the discerning beach visitor needs. It is known for its snorkeling & diving possibilities; you will often find a sea turtle and in certain seasons even a manta ray.

Playa San Juan

A hidden beach that you enter through Landhuis San Juan. This Landhuis (manor) is known for its pristine beaches and you can only get here via a rough dirt road. A quiet place that allows barbecues and gives access to Playa Manzaliña and Playa Shon Mosa. A gatekeeper gives access to one (or more) beaches at San Juan. All beaches have no facilities. Although there are no facilities, it is worth visiting these gems and experiencing a piece of “raw” nature.

Playa Cas Abou

Cas Abou Beach is named one of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world and this is not without reason. The embodiment of a Caribbean beauty with white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and lots of beautiful sea life. Equipped with everything you need, you can relax, dive, snorkel, enjoy the colorful reef fish and let your mind wander. Bringing your own cool box is allowed. Cas Abou Beach is an absolute must-visit!

Director’s Bay

Formerly reserved for the management of a local company, Director’s Bay is now open to the public and is never really crowded. It is a very rocky beach so do not expect a white sandy beach. Come along and see the tropical little paradise for yourself. This beach is also popular for divers as there is a great way to swim along a very steep underwater wall of coral. This is unique in Curacao.

Playa Porto Marie

Porto Mari might just make you think you are in the Bahamas, here you can also find pigs roaming around on the beach. Aside from the pigs, it is a beautiful beach with everything you need. Porto Marie is a well-known dive spot with colorful sea life attracting many divers and snorkelers and serves as the starting point for trips to the surrounding reefs. This beach is unique because it has a “double reef” and it has become a popular diving hotspot.

Can you imagine yourself lying on one of those beaches yet? Which beach is your favorite?

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