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PAPIA PAPIAMENTO KU MI | months, days and numbers

Our native language is Papiamentu - a foundation of African languages and Portuguese with Spanish, Dutch, Indian and Jewish influences. Learn some basic words in Papiamentu that you can use during your stay. The local citizens will be delighted when you try to communicate with them in Papiamento. Even if it is just a single word...

Days of the week

Djaluna Monday

Djamars Tuesday

Djarason Wednesday

Djawieps Thursday

Djabièrne Friday

Djasabra Saturday

Djadomingu Sunday

Months of the year

Yanüari January Febrüari February

Mart March Aprel April

Mei May Yüni June

Yüli July Ougùstùs August

Sèptèmber September Òktober Oktober

Novèmber November Desèmber December


Sero Zero Un One Dos Two

Tres Three Kuater Four Sinku Five

Seis Six Shete Seven Ocho Eight

Nuebe Nine Dies Ten Binti Twinty

Trinta Thirty Kuarenta Fourty Sinkuenta Fifty

Setenta Seventy Ochenta Eighty Nobenta Ninety

Shen Hundred Mil Thousand


Blanku White

Pretu Black

Blou Blue

Kòrá Rew

Hel Yellow

Berdè Green

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